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Join Us at the Conference:
"Housing for Displaced Persons from Ukraine in the Netherlands: Lessons Learned, Best Practices, and Future Perspectives"

📅 Date: March 26

🕑 Time: 14:00-18:00
📍  Location: The Hague

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From almost 108,000 displaced Ukrainians in the Netherlands, 83,000 are in municipal shelters. In order not to overburden COA, the reception of Ukrainians had a decentralized approach, placing the primary responsibility for reception with local authorities (municipalities). Since the war in Ukraine continues, the need for long-term housing solutions for Ukrainians is becoming more urgent. How can the government resolve this issue? What can we learn from the reception of Ukrainians, does the municipal shelter have a future and is flex-housing going to resolve the housing crisis?

This conference is aimed to gather various stakeholders in order to reflect on the reception process of displaced persons from Ukraine and think about their future position on the housing market in the Netherlands. 

Conference is based on the study done by the OPORA organization in cooperation with and funded by the UNHCR. This study shows the national and local-level development of reception policies in the last 2 years with a focus on semi-long-term housing in 24 municipalities. Moreover we reached out to more than 300 displaced people assessing the obstacles faced by them when seeking housing independently as well as performed AI analysis of the housing request and markets. You can read more about the study and report here. 

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