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About us

OPORA comprises a group of highly skilled international professionals with expertise in business and social consulting, grounded research, policy-development and implementation . Their services are diverse and intersectional, aimed at providing assistance in a variety of areas.

Bridging the gap between displaced people and decision-makers
Our Mission

At Opora, our primary goal is to promote evidence-based structural solutions for complex problems. We are thinking outside the box about crisis management that would promote scenario-based long term solutions. 


Our efforts began with assisting displaced people from Ukraine, whose temporary protection status opened new possibilities for integrating conflict-affected individuals into the labour market, educational system, healthcare system, and other essential areas of society.  We recognized the need for producing grounded knowledge by providing unique experiences and expertise. 


While we appreciate the positive outcomes that the EU Temporary Protection Directive has generated and the steps taken by Dutch/European institutions to implement it, we recognize that there are still significant challenges on the ground. As such, we have established a community of experts to collaborate with institutions to gather reliable data, identify and address these challenges, and work together towards mutually beneficial solutions.

Our Team

Board Members

Our Team

Management Team

Our Team
Our organisation

Opora is a non-profit foundation.

We have very strict policies concerning our mission, remuneration and internal management.

Our statute includes:

  • A clear and solid description of the social missions of our organisation

    • to offer evidence-based policy and operational solutions for displaced people based on the ongoing research

    •  development of effective methods and actions that address the structural barriers

    • effective analyses of people's needs,

    • training of institutions for public policy development particularly in the Netherlands

  • A ‘no remuneration’ policy for our managing board. This entails that our board, which must approve important decisions about the organisation’s social mission and budget distribution, is an independent advisory body that cannot make profit from this organisation

Invoicing information:

Opora Foundation 

Tourniairestraat 37 


Kvk: 87222965 

IBAN: NL 64 BUNQ 2074 1280 88

BTW-nr: NL 864238307B01

RSIN: 864238307

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