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Empatia is a project aimed at improving the mental health of Ukrainians displaced by the war. Our team consists of experts in mental health, cross-cultural communication and program development.

Support for everyone.

About us

Empatia unites Dutch and Ukrainian experts in the field of mental health.

With the beginning of the full-scale war, we organized access to psychological support for displaced Ukrainians on a voluntary basis, which gave us understanding and experience in creating a mental health program.

The program aims to create accessible psychological help for Ukrainians who have been displaced by the war.

We believe that everyone deserves high-quality psychological help.

держась за руки
Who is this program for?
  • for Ukrainians who need psychological help and do not know how and where to get it in the Netherlands

  • for Ukrainian professionals in the mental health field who live in the Netherlands and are looking for work in their specialty

  • for municipalities and other organizations that need consultation on organizing psychosocial and culturally sensitive support for Ukrainians in the Netherlands

  • Developing guidelines for Dutch Mental Healthcare Institutions

  • To provide curative and preventive care

  • Matching Ukrainian psychologists with healthcare institutions and municipalities

  • Ensuring displaced Ukrainians are aware of, referred to and use the curative and psychosocial support services

  • Providing direct-online psycho-social support and information for displaced people via hotline

  • Providing cultural specific advice to GGD, GGZ, and municipalities also in form of trainings

Our goals

This program was created for Ukrainians who were forced to move to the Netherlands because of the war



if you would like to know more about the Empathy program, click here

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

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