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In the last months, the Legal Team of OPORA Foundation is receiving more requests from people who found themselves in the so-called legal “limbo” due to expired visas issued in the third countries.

While they are not enjoying the rights of temporary protection in these third countries, having no proof of residency makes their stay and work in the Netherlands and the third country - illegal, but where should they go?

Our legal support coordinator Anastasiia Sakhniuk gave a comment to NOS on the issue.

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In this podcast of Anne-Marijke Podt, Maria Shaidrova is sharing about her experiences as a migration researcher and Ukrainian, reflecting on lessons learned from the OPORA educational research and presenting some practical ideas about how we can strive towards evidence-based policies using the reception of Ukrainians as a case study.


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There are up to 30 000 Ukrainian children in the Netherlands.

Yet, are we aware of how they experience the education process in the new country? Are their parents involved in the educational process? Do they socialize with Dutch children? How do parents evaluate the psychological state of their children?

The answers to these questions are provided in the extensive research report published by OPORA Foundation on the State of Education for Displaced Ukrainian children in the Netherlands. The report is based on the study conducted in June-August 2022 by the OPORA research team Maria Shaidrova, Anastasiia Omelianiuk, Minh Ngo, Juliette Bonnepart, Jet Reefman.

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